A Southern cook with the style of Meryl Streep, the personality of Dolly Parton and the kitchen skills of Ina Garten, Ann Hollowell spends 30 minutes once a week cooking fresh Southern food. While others go for the Crisco, Ann goes for the EVOO (extra virgin olive oil.) The focus is on simple and healthy, but delicious recipes; the kind of dishes where you don’t need exact measurements and you can adjust them to your taste.

Ann has a kitchen the size of most people’s living rooms, with a chopping block as big as a formal dining room table – which seats nearly as many people. She loves to cook – for herself, for her friends – and she loves to involve people in the process. More than her friendly culinary style, Ann has a rich history of good taste.

Born and raised in South Louisiana, she came naturally to Cajun and Creole cooking. When her family moved to Dallas, Texas, she grew to love the grill and international flavors. In Mississippi, she added down-home Southern cooking to her repertoire. No matter where she has lived, Ann has always embraced the joy of cooking with her unique approach she calls “Experimentation.”

“You can experiment, try new things and just have a great time. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I love it when it doesn’t work.” It is because of her ability and willingness to try new flavors and experiment with old recipes that Ann brings a whole new perspective to Southern cooking, one that no one else offers but everyone is looking for.

For the last two seasons Ann has been the host of a cooking show in Greenville, Mississippi. Beginning in the Summer of 2011 “The Cooking Lady” began distribution to more than 3.5-million households in the South. With the new show came a new set, Ann’s own kitchen.

Besides her culinary experience, Ann has appeared in a Robert Altman film and spent the last 10 years in TV sales.